Silver Fox Equestrian Center
    2340 N. Williamston Road
    Williamston, MI  48895
    Phone: 517.655.6184

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Silver Fox Equestrian Center offers quality boarding services, with our goal being to provide a safe and enjoyable facility for you and your horse.

Our facilities include a 70x 120 indoor arena and a 90x 230 outdoor arena both of which are regularly maintained. A heated observation room adjoins the indoor arena. In addition, we provide a hot and cold water wash stall year round.

Horses are turned out at least 10 hours per day (weather permitting) in either individual or small group paddocks which have Triple Crown fencing. Horses have access to pasture from late spring through early fall. Blankets and sheets are changed as needed when owners are unavailable, free of charge.

Each horse is fed according to its individual needs with special care taken to ensure that a proper weight is maintained. Owner-provided supplements are fed with lunch grain, also at no extra charge. Horses are fed grain up to three times daily and hay four times daily.

Veterinary and farrier appointments may be scheduled for you or you may make your own. Silver Fox boarders may participate in our herd health care management program with Kern Rd. Veterinary clinic to ensure that all horses are vaccinated on a regular schedule. Bi-monthly de-worming is also included in the cost of board.

Please call or email us for current board rates.